CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure is a qualifying exam. It is the validated knowledge of Enterprise Networking Infrastructure. They focus on Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies. Network Kings offers CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification. To earn this Certification, you need to pass these two exams:

  • To qualify for the exam that covers core enterprise infrastructure technologies.
  • The hands-on lab exam covers enterprise networks through the entire network lifecycle, from designing and deploying to operating and optimizing.

In CCIE, you can learn routing/switching networking concepts, network protocols, and troubleshooting activities at an Expert Level. Besides this, to become an Expert on Cisco Routers and Switches Routing/Switching Configurations.

How should to get CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification?

CCIE Enterprise infrastructure for earning passed two exams:  qualifying exam, and hands-on lab exam.

STEP 1: Pass the qualifying exam

The qualifying exam, Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR), focuses on knowledge of enterprise networking infrastructure. It earns special certification and can get recognized for accomplishments along the way.

STEP 2: Pass the lab exam

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 is an 8-hour hands-on lab exam covering the end-to-end lifecycle of complex enterprise networking technologies and solutions. Before taking the exam, five to seven years of experience designing, deploying, operating, and optimizing was recommended.

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Exam Details


  • Qualifying exam: To pass this exam is the first step toward certification. Focus and knowledge of Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR 350-401) included dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6).
  • Lab exam: The second step is to get CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (v1.0) certification. It is an 8-hour hands-on lab exam covering the entire lifecycle of complex enterprise network design implementation to deploying, operating, and optimizing.

Topics: ENCOR 350-401

Architecture 15%
Virtualization 10%
Infrastructure 30%
Network Assurance 10%
Security 20%
Automation 15%

Exam Format

Exam Code CCIE EI Lab
Exam Fee $1,600
Exam Duration 8 hours (480 Minutes)
Validity Period 3years
Exam Hosted By Pearson Vue

Benefits of Having CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification


  • To consider a high-value certification to make the mark in the industry.
  • To customize the certification accordingly to the area of interest.
  • To place for advancement in the fast-paced enterprise world.
  • Add automation to skills and technicalities.
  • To obtain a Specialist Certification for passing CCNP Exam.
  • To qualify CCIE Lab Exam by passing CCNP Core Exam.
  • To examine every topic in preparation for certification.
  • Well-organized, focused, and forward-thinking.
  • The starting for all deploy activities like creating, analyzing, validating, and optimizing network designs.
  • To back up the Assess readiness proposed solutions.
  • CCIE, the position is as a technical leader in the dynamic world of enterprise networks (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert).
  • CCIE certifications improve the skills across the enterprise infrastructure’s lifecycle. It will require more time for a lot of concentration and effort.
  • Training mode is like Instructor-Led Training/ Online Training, Classroom Training, and Demand Training.
  • To provide Certified Trainer, one-to-one training, and give exam practice questions.

Furthermore, when one begins to reap the benefit of labor after receiving the certification, everything will be compensated. In additionally, advantages should be aware of;

  • Job security:Nowadays, the current job may become obsolete in the next few years, so learning new skills that are in demand in the future will ensure for never be jobless.
  • Promotion: To be assigned a key role in companies or organizations that use the Cisco system. It is also to get promoted.
  • International recognition: Cisco Systems are popular among international businesses and organizations. With Cisco certification, people can find work in any country of their choice.
  • Regarding the Exam: CCIE EI Lab exam lasts 8 hours and is a hands-on test. The cost is $2000 and every time is taking the exam.

The major topics of the Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (v1.0) practical work are:

  • Infrastructure defined by Software.
  • Transport Technologies and Solutions.
  • Network Infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure Security and Services.
  • Infrastructure Automation and Programmability.

Why should you get CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Online Training?


The Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) v1.2 course gives the knowledge and skills needed to configure, troubleshoot, and manage enterprise wired and wireless networks.

Learn to implement security principles, automation, programmability, and how to overlay the network design using SD-Access and SD-WAN solutions.

The knowledge and skills should have before attending this course:

  • Implementation of Enterprise LAN networks.
  • Basic understanding of Enterprise routing and wireless connectivity.
  • Basic understanding of Python scripting.

CCIE candidates recommended 5 – 7 years of experience designing, deploying, operating, and optimizing enterprise networking technologies and solutions prior to taking the exam.

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification is the highest level to achieve in the Enterprise track. To get the certification for own CCIE number is needed to pass the CCNP ENCOR exam and lab exam. offers in-depth CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Online Training. Our training includes Flexibility, Convenience & Time Saving, Lab, and sample questions. CCIE candidates are able to learn every idea at their leisure and own pace with the Online Learning option.

How CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Sample Questions Can Help You Pass Exam?

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure sample questions are an essential tool to understand the division of marks, the type of questions asked, and develop a familiarity with the examination patterns. Most of all, the papers are necessary as they develop the tools to divide their time between questions.

It will be able to track performance and hence improve on weak areas. It will lead to a more comprehensive revision of almost study for everything.

Sample questions will help to make more comfortable with the exam pattern and the types of questions usually asked. Regular practice from the sample papers will reduce the stress on the mind to know what to expect from the sheet on the exam day.

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification proves the skills with complex enterprise infrastructure solutions. The skills and knowledge to deploy, operate and optimize network technologies and solutions.

We specialize in fields where technology and best practices are fast evolving, and demand for qualified personnel far outnumbers supply. Our goal is to give world-class training and career development materials to our candidates while also allowing them to connect with instructors and mentors.

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