Earning a Certified Information Privacy Technologist certification is an ideal way for data privacy workers to stay competitive, while it’s also a good investment by employers. In the world of data privacy certification, the Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) certification online training course is the preeminent designation. It identifies technology experts that know how to build privacy architecture from its foundation. For individuals, the drive to become CIPT certified enables you to find more opportunities. For employers, hiring those with the certification or getting current staff certified is a huge benefit, ensuring your tech team has the training and skill set.

Certified Information Privacy Technologist Overview

Data privacy is unquestionably a prominent subject in the field of cybersecurity. While many IT experts work hard to ensure data security, privacy may often fall short. A renewed focus to data privacy indicates an opportunity for IT experts with expertise in data privacy. Organizations should also examine how their data privacy professionals will keep current on emerging dangers. Regulators continue to hammer down on noncompliance with privacy laws, and as has been seen, even the largest corporations have flaws in this area.


Preparing for the CIPT

To get your certification, you must pass an 85-question multiple-choice test with a time limit of two and a half hours. The exam is administered in an online testing facility, and you may book it up to 90 days in advance. A passing grade is determined by the number of successfully answered questions. The scores for each exam vary, but they are always translated to a scale of 100 to 500, with 300 being the minimum passing mark. It might take up to six weeks to process after you take the test.

Exam Name


Total Questions



Multiple choice


2 hours

Passing Marks


Professionals must thoroughly prepare prior to this step. Certification exams are difficult, and many first-timers have failed. Experts suggest at least 30 hours of instruction and preparation before the test. IAPP’s test plan emphasizes seven areas of concentration:

  • Recognizing the importance of privacy in the IT environment
  • Fundamental privacy ideas
  • Considerations for privacy throughout the information lifecycle
  • System and application privacy
  • Techniques for maintaining privacy
  • Concerns about online privacy
  • Technologies that take privacy into account


The majority of professionals attend a quality training course. These courses are designed to cover the Body of Knowledge required to pass the test. Trainers are aware of the test topics and teach them, but they do not have access to the actual questions. When deciding on a course, professionals should go for one that has been highly evaluated, is flexible, and thorough.

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This course is an excellent starting point for IT professionals who want to learn about privacy considerations in technology. Candidates for this course should be engaged in the creation, engineering, deployment, or auditing of IT products and services.

  • Module 1: Foundational principles of privacy in technology
  • Module 2: The role of the technology professional in privacy
  • Module 3: Privacy threats and violations
  • Module 4: Technical measures and privacy-enhancing technologies
  • Module 5: Privacy engineering
  • Module 6: Privacy-by-design methodology
  • Module 7: Technology challenges for privacy

There are various different privacy certificates in the area, however as previously said, there are no similar qualifications. The Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) credential includes five concentrations and provides practitioners with the ability to use compliance and risk mitigation techniques more effectively. The Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) credential is designed for privacy program administrators. This certification focuses on how to apply privacy in day-to-day operations and how to properly establish a team to carry it out. In comparison to other similar certificates, the CIPT is designed for the technology worker who is involved in privacy security on a daily basis.

After going through the many aspects of CIPT certification, you should have a better understanding of what it entails and who is most suited for it. If you want to further your data privacy profession, the CIPT certification is for you.

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