You are constantly looking to improve your penetration testing skills. You are hungry for knowledge and have a strange craving for new challenges that will push you further. These are just a few reasons to Pass OSCP Exam Certification.

What’s OSCP Certification?

OSCP certification is the best way to prove your Penetration Testing skills. This certification is the only one that allows you to test your skills in a virtual environment.

Pass the 24-hour exam and complete the PWK training to earn the OSCP certification.

This course from PWK OSCP Online Training, lab, and much more. You also have access to a virtual private network that allows you to root machines!

Who Should Consider The OSCP?

Offensive Security explains that the OSCP is for professionals in the information security field who want to make a “meaningful leap into the world of professional penetration testing.”

Is the OSCP Certification Worth It? |

Experience for the OSCP

  1. “Solid understanding of TCP/IP networking”
  2. “Reasonable understanding of Linux”
  3. “Familiarity with Bash scripting

How to Pass OSCP Exam Certification

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These steps are required to pass the OSCP exam:

  • Know About Networking
  • Learn Linux
  • Bash, Perl and/or Python scripting
  • Get Started With Virtual Hacking Labs
  • Get Lab Practice
  • Sign Up for our Course
  • Get Sure Shot Exam Sample Question and Pass OSCP Exam

What You Need to Know About Networking

What are your networking skills? It doesn’t matter if you are a CCNP or a full-time engineer in the network field. However, you will need to be familiar with basic concepts such as subnets and ports, DNS, pings, and TCP connections.

We know you might need some refresher but feel confident in what you know here.

Learned Linux

However, Linux skills were not what people generally expect. People aren’t so proficient in Bash. A fantastic (and completely free!) resource was Linux Journey. Linux Journey was a great (and free!) resource. This book breaks down Linux basics in very small chunks. It covers essential concepts such as permissions, file systems, and processes. You’ll quickly see the similarities to Windows, but you will need to be familiar with the details if you want to use the terminal frequently.

First, Linux Journey and then tackled Bandit on OverTheWire. You’ll use some of your knowledge to apply it to a real VM you’ll be SSHing into. To get the password for the next level, you’ll need to complete a basic exercise. You will learn a lot about manipulating files, as well as some tricks such as exploiting SUID binaries or cron jobs.

Scrappy Scripting

Bash, Perl, and/or Python scripting were the last prerequisites after Linux. The PassYourCert will cover Bash later. There is approximately four million Intro to Python websites. Just pick one that talks about network sockets, and spend a few hours on it.

No need to create scripts from scratch. Just follow the flow of an already existing script and you will be fine.

Start With Hacking Labs

You should be comfortable with Linux, networking, and scripting languages. Then you can start hacking on Virtual Hacking Labs. This is basically a mini OSCP. Although it isn’t as comprehensive as the OSCP course, it’s an excellent starting point to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed later.

Get lots of practice with basic enumeration tools and Nmap and Netcat.

Using PassYourCert PWK Courseware

  • Learn how to make use of methods and tools to handle complex, multiple-projects.
  • With the help of real-life templates, you will discover more details about Program Lifecycle, and it’s 54 procedures, skills tools, approaches, and techniques.
  • Learn to implement large-scale initiatives in order that aligns with the corporate objectives.
  • Learn about the fundamentals of project management like budget and resource allocations as well as timelines and risks.
  • Learn about the difficulties faced by large-scale project implementations through real-world examples.
  • Learn to speak to others, inspire others, and increase your leadership skills.
  • Learn the fundamentals of project management to aid in achieving the company’s goals.

You will also learn the basics of Kali Linux and some pen testing techniques. It will be easy to move on to more complex concepts, such as buffer overflows or working with exploits. Just take it one step at a while.

Some are very simple (“run this tool on a laboratory machine”) Some will require you go on your own to research a technique that they haven’t yet introduced. These exercises are the first of five possible bonus points.

A lab report detailing how your compromised user and root access 10 lab machines earns you the other half of the bonus point. The template is recommended. Fill it out for each machine and include enough code snippets and screenshots to show how a competent technical person could replicate your steps. You’ll get five bonus points if you complete this report and all the exercises.

Is it worth the effort? You could spend up to a week just doing the exercises and then writing your lab report. It all depends on your experience. Five points can be a lifesaver for those who are less than five points from passing. However, this is also a lot of time that you could spend in the lab or Hack the Box. It was hard work but it was worth it.

Some say do it. Others say hack your way to success. Even if you don’t intend to submit the exercises, reading the coursework is essential. It is very well written and thorough and packed with useful nuggets.

The Lab

To help you prepare for your exam, the lab is what you need. With a few IP addresses, you can start using the public network. You can start scanning machines and looking for low-hanging fruits, using the knowledge you have gained from your coursework.

You’ll eventually find machines that are multi-homed. They have both a public network adapter and a private network adapter. You can access these networks by pivoting once you have compromised all of those machines.

After two months of lab time, you will compromise the majority of the public networks and gain access to two additional networks. Instead of going into the other networks, Hack the Box was the better choice. This worked very well. The lab will be wonderful. Enroll Now and get all the benefits with will help you to pass OSCP exam.