The AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty exam is appropriate for professionals who want to develop their abilities in planning and implementing AWS and hybrid IT infrastructures to advanced superior networking responsibilities. The AWS Advanced Networking Specialty professional assesses the individual’s ability to complete the following tasks:
  • Design, development, and deployment of cloud-based solutions
  • Implementing essential AWS services in accordance with fundamental architectural best practices,
  • AWS services – Network architecture design and maintenance
  • Understanding how to use tools to automate AWS networking operations.

Exam Format and Information

Exam Name 

AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

Exam Type  


Passing Score 


Exam Language

 English, Japanese, Korean, and  Simplified Japanese

Exam Code 


Exam Format

Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions

Number of Questions 

65 Questions 

Exam Fee

$300 USD


3 years

Exam Duration 

170 Minutes

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Course Modules

  • Set up connectivity for hybrid IT.
  • Determine an effective hybrid IT architecture connectivity solution based on a situation.
  • Explain how to use AWS Direct Connect to extend connection.
  • Consider design choices that make use of AWS Direct Connect.
  • Establish routing policies for hybrid IT infrastructures.
  • Use AWS networking ideas.
  • Define network designs on AWS based on customer needs.
  • Based on an examination of a current implementation, provide optimized designs.
  • Determine the network needs for a unique workload.
  • Create an acceptable architecture depending on the needs of the client and the application.
  • Given a network design and application data flow, evaluate and optimize cost allocations.
  • Consider AWS automation options for network installations.
  • Consider tool-based solutions for network operations and administration within AWS.
  • Make use of Route 53’s capabilities.
  • In a mixed IT infrastructure, evaluate DNS solutions.
  • Determine the necessary DHCP configuration within AWS.
  • Determine an acceptable load balancing method inside the AWS ecosystem given a situation.
  • Create a content distribution plan to maximize performance.
  • Reconcile AWS service and network needs.
  • Examine design criteria to ensure they are in line with security and compliance goals.
  • Assess monitoring tactics in support of security and compliance goals.
  • Examine AWS security features for network traffic management.
  • Encryption technologies should be used to safeguard network connections.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve a network problem given a scenario.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    This exam will cost you $300 USD, plus any applicable taxes.

    1. AWS is one of the world’s major cloud service providers.
    2. The certification will help you improve your AWS service abilities and be employed by a good employer.
    3. AWS offers multiple levels of certification, beginning with a novice level and progressing to a professional one.
    4. AWS Certified Professionals will be able to investigate new options for a secure future work.

    The AWS Advanced Networking Specialty is intended for those who design and implement complicated networking jobs. As more businesses migrate to cloud-based infrastructure, one of the most difficult challenges is locating experienced networking experts.

    You will have 170 minutes to finish the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty test.

    AWS Certifications are good for three years; after which you must renew your certification.

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