The Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer training and certification validates the candidate’s technical knowledge of how to build and implement secure organizational infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform. The certification course aims to inculcate a common awareness of security best practices and industry-specific security standards across the board. The applicants hone their abilities in safe infrastructure design, development, and management, leveraging contemporary Google security technology. This thorough cloud security training and security aids hopefuls in becoming certified security experts with expertise in the cloud security area, as well as properly explaining the key essentials of cloud security.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional cloud security engineer?

This cloud security certification and training course will help you improve your abilities in the following areas:

  • Know how to control your identity.
  • Look into access control.
  • Create an efficient organizational structure as well as security policies.
  • Use a variety of Google technologies to effectively secure data.
  • Set up and maintain network security defenses.
  • Logs from the Google Cloud Platform should be collected and analyzed.
  • Control how incidents are handled.


The Professional Cloud Security Engineer Certification Exam

Certification Name

Professional Cloud Security Engineer

Test Format

Multiple Choice and Multiple Select

Test Duration

2 Hours

Registration Fee

$200 (plus tax where applicable)





Passing Score

No Scoring Criteria

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Measurement of Competencies

These categories are further broken down as follows:

  • Configuring cloud identity
  • Managing user accounts
  • Managing service accounts
  • Managing authentication
  • Managing and implementing authorization controls
  • Defining resource hierarchy
  • Designing network security
  • Configuring network segmentation
  • Establish private connectivity
  • Preventing data loss with the DLP API
  • Managing encryption at rest
  • Building and deploying infrastructure
  • Building and deploying applications
  • Monitoring for security events
  • Comprehension of regulatory concerns
  • Comprehension of compute environment concerns


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    For greater preparation, you might choose for real-world, hand-on experience. The certification examinations are intended to identify employees who can execute important work activities utilizing Google technology. The Exam guides include a list of all of these tasks.

    If you don’t pass a test in the first time, you can retake it within 14 days. If you don’t pass the 2nd time, then you’ll have to wait 60 days before taking it again. If you don’t pass the third time, you’ll have to wait a year to try again. You may take the exam in whatever language you like, but each try regardless of language, counts against the total number of attempts allowed, and the waiting time still applies. Each time you take a test, you must pay. By registering under a different identity or using any other method to get around the retake policy, you will be in violation of the exam terms and conditions, and your certification will be rejected or withdrawn.

    No. a limited proportion of questions on the tests may be unscored at any one moment. These are new questions that are being tested to see how successful they are.

    Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer (GCP) costs $200 USD.

    All Google Cloud Certificates are valid for two years from the date of certification, unless otherwise mentioned in the full test descriptions. Candidates must recertify every two years in order to keep their certification status.