Cloud-based solutions have been in great demand for some years and are unlikely to alter in the future. Organizations of various sizes and forms cooperate nowadays, both internally and with third parties. These firms employ collaboration and productivity products such as Gmail from Google for email communication, Meet for video conferencing, Sheets for spreadsheets, Docs for word editing, and many others. Security and management capabilities enable administrators to define rules, control endpoint devices, and more.

The certification validates abilities

This certification allows you to:

  • Plan and put in place Google Workspace authorization and access.
  • Manage the lifecycles of users, resources, and Team Drive.
  • Mail management
  • Google Workspace services may be controlled and configured.
  • Endpoint access must be configured and managed.
  • Maintain vigilance on the organization’s operations.
  • Increase the use and cooperation of Google Workspace.


Exam Name 

Google Professional Collaboration Engineer 

Exam Duration 

2 hours

Exam Code 


Exam Format 

Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions

Exam Type 

Proctored Exam



Passing Score 


Exam Fee 

$200 USD*

Exam Language 


Recommended Experience  

3+ years of industry experience including 1+ year G Suite administration experience.

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Measurement of Competencies

Your abilities will be evaluated in the eight categories listed below:

  • G Suite authorization and access planning and implementation
  • Managing the life cycles of users, resources, and Team Drive
  • Mail management
  • G Suite service management and configuration
  • Setting up and controlling content access
  • Endpoint access configuration and management
  • Organizational functions must be monitored.
  • G Suite adoption and cooperation are being advanced.

These categories are further subdivided as follows:

  • Implementing authorization policies
  • Managing access to third-party applications and sites
  • Managing users
  • Data in your Google domain is being synchronized with your Microsoft® Active Directory® or LDAP server.
  • Managing organizational structure
  • Managing groups
  • Managing contacts
  • Managing mail-related DNS settings
  • Diagnosing and resolving mail routing issues
  • Configuring and managing security, compliance, and spam rules
  • Configuring mail routing rules
  • Configuring general mail setting
  • Administering G Suite services
  • Configuring and managing G Suite core apps
  • Managing services integrations
  • Implementing automation
  • Configuring and managing Vault
  • Setting up and managing Drive and Team Drive
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Implementing and monitoring data security
  • Managing third-party applications and access
  • Configuring mobile devices
  • Provisioning, deprovisioning, and enabling Chrome devices
  • Managing Google meeting room hardware (e.g., provisioning, deprovisioning, hanging up, calling, rebooting)
  • Managing Chrome applications, extensions, and Android applications
  • Setting up your network (e.g., Wi-Fi, Ethernet, VPN, certificates, and general)
  • Setting up and using reports (e.g., creating usage reports, measuring adoption and satisfaction)
  • Interpreting report and audit data and taking appropriate action
  • Managing alerts (e.g., suspicious logging activity, apps outages, TLS failure, user deleted)
  • Building business solutions and processes
  • Staying up-to-date with G Suite


Obtaining the Google Cloud Professional Collaboration Engineer credentials, as a Professional-level certification, will offer you the recognition to indicate that you are a subject matter expert in this sector. All it takes is a single test, and there are a variety of good courses available to help you obtain the necessary information and achieve that badge.


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