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Amazon Web Services is the cloud platform provided by Amazon and today, we are going to discuss and clear all of your doubts related to Amazon Web Services Certification / AWS Certification. People get a lot of doubts when they hear about AWS as these are not limited to only one certification when it comes to the cloud. There are different certifications available that are provided by Amazon. As of now, there are a total of 4 categorized certifications which consist of four further sub-categories. These categories are as follows:

  • AWS Foundational
  • AWS Associate
  • AWS Professional
  • AWS Specialty

We will be discussing every cloud certification provided by Amazon in this article so make sure you read this article thoroughly as it contains some crucial information about AWS Cloud.

What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services are subsidiary of Amazon that gives Cloud Computing platforms on-demand and API to Governments as well as Companies and Individuals. There are numerous Amazon Web Services Jobs available if you clear the exam related to the certification. These services are hosted over the internet to use for managing the data, processing, and storage and include distributed computing processing volume and tools for software by the route of AWS Server Farms.

They provide Cloud Computing Certifications which are one of the most demanding and compulsory certifications for an IT Professional who works in this field. Now we will be learning about these certifications and what are the requirements one by one.

Amazon Web Services

AWS Foundational

This is a category that includes one certification known as the AWS Cloud Practitioner. Now, this role is for people who have a minimum of 06-month knowledge of using AWS Cloud Principles and some jobs including management, technical, financial, sales, etc. You also need to have a little bit of knowledge of IT Services before going ahead with the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. You can also become AWS Cloud Practitioner but first, you have to understand the basics of cloud computing and the domains in it so that you clear the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam. These domains are as follows:

  • Cloud Concepts
  • Security
  • Technology
  • Billing & Pricing

If you want more details about the certification or if you are looking for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Online Training, you should click on the link mentioned below.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

AWS Associate

Within the AWS Associate category, you will be looking at the three certifications which are based on the experience and eligibility of the candidates. You may proceed with the certification when you find yourself eligible for the certification. These certifications are as follows:

  • Developer – Associate
  • Solutions Architect – Associate
  • Sysops Administrator – Associate

AWS Developer – Associate

This AWS Certified Developer- Associate (DVA-C01) is a certification for people who want to proceed with their careers as developers. This certification will authenticate your knowledge of essential AWS Services, fundamentals of AWS Architectural best practices, cloud-based development, troubleshooting, deployment, and usage. There are a total of 4 domains which are as follows:

  • Deployment
  • Security
  • Development with AWS Services
  • Refactoring
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting

You can read more about the certification or get the details of AWS Certified Developer Associate Online Training by clicking on the link below:

AWS Certified Developer Associate

AWS Solutions Architect – Associate

This certification will help you go through it in just a single try. You will be learning about how to deploy security and resilient apps on AWS Cloud along with learning how to build them for industry professionals. This course will help you think and design architectural solutions based on the needs of the clients. It will also give you the optimum strategies for implementing and advice throughout the life-cycle of the project. This certification consists of a total of 4 domains which are as follows:

  • Designing Resilient Architectures
  • Designing High-Performing Architectures
  • Designing Secure Applications and Architectures
  • Designing Cost-Optimized Architectures

You may read further details about the certification from the link provided below:

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

AWS Sysops Administrator – Associate

This course is for Associates who are aimed at Administrators or Developers who want to build automation and repeat the network as well as system installations on the AWS platform. This will help you learn how to assure data integrity and security with the AWS technologies, controlling of data flow from one AWS application to another, and apply operational cost controls after achieving a master’s in AWS administration interface. There are a total of 6 domains that you will be learning in this course, which are as follows:

  • Monitoring, Logging, and Remediation
  • Reliability and Business Continuity
  • Deployment, Provisioning, and Automation
  • Security and Compliance
  • Networking and Content Delivery
  • Cost and Performance Optimization

If you are interested in this certification you may proceed to our in-depth article for Sysops Administrators (Associate) from the link mentioned below:

AWS Certified Sysops Administrator – Associate

AWS Professional

In the AWS Professional category, you will be studying about 2 sub-categories. If you find yourself to be eligible for the course, you may proceed with it. These certifications are as follows:

  • Engineer Professional
  • Architect Professional

We will be studying Engineer Professional first and then Architect Professional respectively:

AWS Engineer Professional

This examination is made for professional candidates who have a minimum experience of more than 2 years giving, operating as well as managing AWS environments in a DevOps engineer facility. It is very important to work as the employee has to decide when to write the next crucial point on considering for the DevOps engineer job guide. After completing the course, you will master many things as mentioned below:

  • Methodology for DevOps
  • AWS Cloud Formation and AWS OpsWorks
  • AWS Code Commit and AWS Codebuild
  • AWS Code Pipeline
  • AWS CodeStar
  • Amazon EC2 Systems Manager

For exam-related information or any other query related to the online training for this course, you may proceed with the link mentioned below as it contains an in-depth article for AWS Professional Engineers.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

AWS Architect Professional

This certification is for people who want to work as Solutions Architect Professionals and it helps in authenticating the advanced technical abilities and experience in building distributed applications and systems on the platform for AWS. In this course, you will be improving your technical understanding as well as your practical skills to have a better knowledge of AWS. There are a total of 5 domains in this certification which are as follows:

  • Design for Organizational Complexity
  • Design for New Solutions
  • Migration Planning
  • Cost Control
  • Continuous Improvement for Existing Solutions

To get a better understanding of these domains you may proceed to our full-focused article from the link mentioned below:

AWS Solutions Architect Professional

Amazon Web Services

AWS Specialty

This category of AWS Cloud Certifications consists of a total of 5 sub-categories or you may say certification courses. This category is the most crucial one as this is the hardest as well as most beneficial certification if successful in obtaining one. The name of these certifications are as follows:

  • Advanced Networking
  • Data Analytics
  • Database
  • Machine Learning
  • Security

We will now proceed with the details of these certifications:

AWS Advanced Networking

With this certification, you will be developing your abilities in planning and implementing AWS and hybrid IT infrastructures to make them advanced networking responsibilities. You will be able to Design, Develop, and Deploy cloud-based solutions along with applying important AWS services in the obedience of architectural practices with network architecture and lastly getting to know how to use tools to automate AWS networking operations. There are total 6 domains in this certification which are as follows:

  • Design and Implement Hybrid IT Network Architectures at the Scale
  • Design and Implement AWS Networks
  • Automate AWS Tasks
  • Configure Network Integration with Application Services
  • Design and Implement for Security and Compliance
  • Manage, Optimize, and Troubleshooting the Network

You will be learning more about this certification from the link mentioned below:

AWS Advanced – Networking

AWS Data Analytics

It is a very high-level certification given by AWS. This certification authenticates people who work in the field of data analytics. If you want this certification you must clear the examination and clear the eligibility criteria set by the organization. There are a total of 5 domains which are as follows:

  • Collection
  • Storage and Data Management
  • Processing
  • Analysis and Visualization
  • Security

For further details related to this certification, you are required to click on the link mentioned below:

AWS Specialty – Data Analytics

AWS Database

This is a certification that is industry-recognized. It will help the candidates to confirm their exceptional expertise in AWS database assistance and boost the use of database tech to achieve the requirement of your organization. You are required to have experience with standard database technologies for a minimum of 5 years. Along with this, you should have a minimum of 02 years of hands-on experience and knowledge of dealing with relational and NoSQL databases on-premises and in AWS Cloud. You must have knowledge and differentiation of the essential aspects of AWS database services. This certification contains a total of 5 domains which are as follows:

  • Workload-Specific Database Design
  • Deployment and Migration
  • Management and Operations
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Database Security

If you want further details related to the certification you should click on the link below:

AWS Speciality – Database

AWS Machine Learning

Machine Learning is an Artificial Intelligence application that allows computers to automatically learn and grow from the experience rather than programming or without any human interaction. This certification is in demand and in the future it will become more essential as almost every machine is becoming automated today. This certification will verify your understanding of sustaining, building, implementing, and deploying Machine Learning (ML) solutions for the organization you’re working for. You will be learning about the following domains when you opt for this course:

  • Data Engineering
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Modeling
  • Machine Learning Implementation and Operations

AWS Specialty – Machine Learning

AWS Certified Security

This certification is made to make help the participants for the very advanced level test by teaching them primary components of the AWS Technology. During this certification, you will be learning many Real-World scenarios to help you understand the causes of website hacking and how to handle those situations. You will be learning in detail about the following domains with the AWS Certified Security Certification:

  • Incident Response
  • Logging and Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Data Protection

In order to learn more about the certification or get the exam details, you are required to click on the link mentioned below. You will be redirected to the in-depth article for AWS Certified Security.

AWS Specialty – Certified Security

AWS Cloud Online Training

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What does AWS stand for?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services.

What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon which provides cloud computing platforms on demand and API to Governments as well as Companies and Individuals.

What is AWS Cloud?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud is the platform that is globally most extensive and largely used by consumers.

What is AWS Cloud Practitioner?

An AWS Cloud Practitioner certificate helps in improving foundational knowledge of AWS Cloud Concepts, Assistance, and Terminology.

Why is it necessary to have a cloud certification?

Cloud Certification will help you in growing your skills and show your requirement to the organizations.