The CIPM is the first and only privacy program management certification, and it distinguishes you as your organization’s go-to privacy specialist. The CIPM is the “how of privacy operations,” emphasizing why firms need it. This certification covers a broad body of knowledge (BOK) in the field of information privacy – you can read the BOK here. Earning a CIPM demonstrates that you not only understand privacy rules, but also how to implement them effectively inside your organization. You’ll learn how to build a company’s privacy team, create a privacy program framework, and communicate effectively with stakeholders.


  • Officers of Data Protection
  • Managers of Data Security
  • Officers of Legal Compliance
  • Auditors
  • Managers of Security
  • Managers of Information
  • Anyone who is active in data protection methods or programs

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Identifies the tasks of privacy program management and explains the role of accountability in privacy program management.

Considerations for creating and implementing a privacy program, such as the location of the privacy function within the company, the role of the DPO, program scope and charter, privacy strategy, support and continuous engagement of key functions, and privacy frameworks, are covered.

The regulatory environment is discussed, as well as common aspects across jurisdictions and techniques for aligning compliance with corporate goals.

Practical methods for developing and deploying data inventories/maps, gap studies, privacy assessments, privacy impact assessments/data protection impact assessments, and vendor assessments are discussed.

Describes various forms of privacy-related rules, explains components, and provides implementation techniques.

Discusses operational issues for conveying and protecting data subject rights, such as privacy notice, choice and consent, access and correction, data portability, and erasure and the right to be forgotten.

Describes techniques for creating and executing privacy education and awareness initiatives.

Investigates a comprehensive method to preserving personal information through privacy by design.

Provides advice on how to prepare for and respond to a data security event or breach.

Measuring, monitoring and auditing program performance

Develop Expertise with Wide Applicability

Relates common practices for monitoring, measuring, analyzing and auditing privacy program performance.


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Utilize your charterholder status to directly enter and complete the CIPM Program at Level II.


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Make a name for yourself by demonstrating advanced portfolio evaluation and manager search and selection abilities.


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CFA Institute credentialing program are recognized by investment management professionals and institutions worldwide.


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Improve performance results, risk analysis, and reporting by providing a deeper level of understanding.


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Gain the trust of sophisticated clients by demonstrating expert comprehension and explanation of performance results.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The CIPM Level I Examination

    The 2018 topic weights for this test are as follows: 35% performance measurement, 25% performance attribution, 10% performance evaluation, 15% ethical standards, and 15% performance presentation and GIPS standards. Historically, the pass percentage for this exam has been around 50%.

    The Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement (CIPM) is a professional credential in the field of investment performance analysis that is recognized internationally. It covers the measuring and attribution of investment performance. It is provided by the CIPM Association, which is affiliated with the CFA Institute.

    The CIPM, as the name implies, is designed to teach professionals in the calculation and communication of investment performance data. 1 The CIPM is a well-known professional qualification in the financial industry. The CFA Institute provides it, and it is closely connected to the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS).