Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect is a stringent certification that certifies your technical understanding of Google Cloud technologies. The certification-focused training enables you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Google Cloud architecture and platform, as well as demonstrate a thorough understanding of designing, developing, and managing scalable, robust, highly available, secure, and dynamic solutions for efficiently supporting business objectives.

Why Professional Cloud Architect?

The Professional Cloud Architect certification and training broadens your technical knowledge to include:

  • Discover the GCP platform.
  • Make use of Google Cloud features to help your company achieve its goals.
  • Using Google Cloud services such as computation, network, data, and storage
  • Learn about identification services as well as Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS)
  • Using Google search engines
  • Recognize virtual private cloud
  • Recognize cloud functions and cloud spanner

Exam Information

The candidates need to take and pass the following exam successfully to become GOOGLE CLOUD CERTIFIED Professional Cloud Architect:

Certification Name

Professional Cloud Architect

Test Format

Multiple choice and multiple select

Test Duration

2 hours

Passing Score


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Exam Topics

The Google Professional Cloud Architect exam focuses on the six domains listed below:

  • Creating a solution infrastructure that fulfils business needs
  • Creating a solution infrastructure that fulfils technical specifications
  • Creating network, storage, and computing resources
  • Making a migration strategy
  • Considering potential solution enhancements
  • Creating network topologies
  • Individual storage system configuration
  • Configuration of computing systems
  • Designing for safety
  • Planning for compliance
  • Technical process analysis and definition
  • Defining and analyzing business processes
  • Creating methods to assure the dependability of manufacturing solutions
  • Providing guidance to the development/operations team(s) to guarantee the solution’s effective deployment.
  • Programmatically interacting with Google Cloud
  • Solution for monitoring/logging/profiling/alerting
  • Management of deployment and releases
  • Assisting with the maintenance of deployed solutions
  • Quality control procedures are being evaluated.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can book your test by heading to the official Google Cloud site, where you will need a Webassessor account to schedule the exam, so establish one and follow the rest of the steps.

    A total of three tries are permitted.

    Yes, the certifications are valid for two years from the date of certification. Recertification can be attempted beginning 60 days before your certification expiration date.

    $176,000 is the average pay.

    The Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification is perfect for someone who has many years of cloud computing expertise and wants to work toward mastering the real-world vocation of cloud architect.