The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional exam is designed for professionals who have two or more years of experience providing, operating, and managing AWS environments in a DevOps engineer capacity. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is used to create and manage continuous delivery systems and procedures.

Why is DevOps so important for Enterprises now?

The importance of DevOps in the current industry is the next crucial point to consider when writing a DevOps engineer job guide. DevOps enhances the efficiency of the organization’s workflow. DevOps also assists businesses in identifying and learning from their shortcomings throughout the early phases of development. As a consequence, it can deploy new software, features, and security upgrades more quickly. Above all, DevOps is concerned with delivering quicker delivery of solutions to the market while maintaining higher standards of dependability and quality.


Exam Name AWS DevOps Engineer Professional (AWS-DevOps)
Exam Code DOP-C01
Exam Price $300 USD
Duration 180 minutes
Number of Questions 75
Passing Score 750 / 1000
Schedule Exam PEARSON VUE

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The Crucial Domain of the CISSP Certificate

A domain is a large subject that you must grasp in order to pass the CISSP certification test. The following are the most significant CISSP Domains:

  • Methodology for DevOps
  • AWS CloudFormation and AWS OpsWorks are used.
  • Making Use of AWS CodeCommit and AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS CodePipeline is being used.
  • Making Use of AWS CodeStar
  • Making Use of Amazon EC2 Systems Manager

An AWS DevOps professional engineer with Amazon Web Services knowledge who has completed the AWS Cloud Practitioner or any of the Associate level certification exams may begin studying for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Certification Exam. During the AWS DevOps certification preparation, it is necessary to cover all eight of the above-mentioned test objectives, including associate-level development concepts.

So, is DevOps creating additional job opportunities? Obviously, and the stats indicate the same! According to Forrester, more than half of corporate firms regularly use internal or external DevOps services. According to Statista, the usage of DevOps rose by around 17% in 2018.

Most importantly, IDC anticipates that the overall value of the DevOps business would reach over $6.6 billion by 2022.

LinkedIn, a renowned professional networking site, has named DevOps as one of the most in-demand talents in 2018. Furthermore, more than half of company owners are either employing or intend to employ DevOps engineers. As a result, the potential of a DevOps Engineer job path may be seen.

The abilities necessary for DevOps employment are the next key aspect in any DevOps Engineer career guide. The most important prerequisite for beginning a career in DevOps is a thorough understanding of the definition of DevOps. Rather of concentrating just on DevOps technologies, you must grasp the DevOps architecture and culture.


Candidates interested in DevOps positions should comprehend the behaviors of developers in the administration of code versions, testing, integration, and server deployment. In addition, ambitious DevOps engineers should broaden their horizons beyond coding and automation. Here are the essential abilities for answering the question “how to become a DevOps engineer.”


  • Fundamental understanding of scripting and Linux principles
  • An in-depth understanding of how the software development lifecycle works
  • Knowledge of artifact management and development tools
  • Versioning and source control expertise, as well as hands-on experience with platforms such as GitHub
  • Understanding of infrastructure architecture and microservices, both conceptually and practically
  • Comprehensive understanding of CI/CD ideas and tools
  • An in-depth look at the DevOps pipeline and how it works.
  • Knowledge of containerization technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker
  • Fluency with DevOps ideas and utilization of different metrics
  • Teamwork, communication, and problem-solving abilities are required.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The exam will cost you $300 USD, plus any applicable taxes.

    This exam is accessible in the following languages: English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

    AWS Certification helps learners gain credibility and confidence by confirming their cloud skills with an industry-recognized credential, and it also helps organizations discover talented employees to drive AWS cloud initiatives.

    If you do not pass the exam, you must wait 14 days before being eligible to repeat it. There is no limit to the number of exam attempts you can make until you pass the examination. However, you must pay the entire registration fee for each re-attempt. Additionally, Beta exam candidates will only be allowed one attempt.

    The testing screen will provide a pass or fail signal immediately after you finish the exam. In addition, candidates will receive an email confirming the completion of their exam. After completing the exam, you will receive a detailed exam result within five business days. This exam information will be available in your Certification Account under Previous Exams.

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