The Google Associate Cloud Engineer Exam is intended to provide you with the hands-on experience necessary to set up and manage Google Cloud (GCP) applications and become a Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer. To guarantee that performance requirements are met, an Associate Cloud Engineer deploys applications, monitors the operations of various projects, and maintains corporate solutions. Candidates for the Google Associate Cloud Engineer test must be able to use Google Cloud Console and the command-line interface to perform common platform-based operations in order to maintain one or more deployed solutions on Google Cloud that leverage Google-managed or self-managed services.

Who is eligible to take the Google Associate Cloud Engineer Exam?

This exam is intended to assess technical skills relevant to the employment function. The Google Associate Cloud Engineer exam is designed to examine candidates’ ability to set up a cloud solution environment, plan and create a cloud solution, deploy and implement a cloud solution, assure effective cloud solution operation, and configure access and security.


Exam Name 

Google Associate Cloud Engineer

Exam Code 


Exam Format 

Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions

Exam Duration 

120 minutes

Exam Method 

Proctored Exam

Exam Fee 

$125 USD



Exam Language 

English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Indonesian

Pass Score 


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Structure of the Course

The following subjects are covered in the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Exam:

  • Setting up a cloud solution environment
  • Planning and configuring a cloud solution
  • Deploying and implementing a cloud solution
  • Ensure the smooth running of a cloud solution
  • Configuring access and security
  • Configuring cloud projects and accounts Among the activities are:
  • Billing configuration management. Among the activities are:
  • Setup and configuration of the command line interface (CLI), especially the Cloud SDK (e.g., setting the default project).
  • Using the Pricing Calculator to plan and estimate GCP product usage
  • Scheduling and configuring computing resources Consider the following:
  • Options for data storage planning and configuration Consider the following:
  • Network resource planning and configuration Among the tasks are:
  • Defining and deploying Compute Engine Resources Among the tasks are:
  • Deploying and configuring Google Kubernetes Engine Resources Among the tasks are:
  • Data solution deployment and implementation Among the tasks are:
  • Deploying and putting in place networking resources Among the tasks are:
  • Using Cloud Marketplace to deploy a solution Among the tasks are:
  • Using Cloud Deployment Manager to deploy application infrastructure. Among the tasks are:
  • Managing the resources of the Compute Engine Among the tasks are:
  • Managing resources in Google Kubernetes Engine. Among the tasks are:
  • Resource management for App Engine and Cloud Run. Among the tasks are:
  • Administration of storage and database solutions Among the tasks are:
  • Network resource management. Among the tasks are:
  • Logging and monitoring Among the tasks are:
  • Identity and access control management (IAM). Among the tasks are:
  • Keeping track of service accounts. Among the tasks are:
  • Examining audit records for the project and managed services


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you fail the Google Cloud certification test, you must wait 14 days before retaking it, and if you fail twice, you must wait 60 days before retaking the exam.

    The test has no requirements; however, you must have 6 months of experience with Google Cloud Platform.

    To pass the Google Associate Cloud Engineer test, you must have a score of 70%.

    Google Certifications are valid for two years; after which time you must upgrade your certification.

    This exam will cost you $125 USD, plus any taxes.