CISSP Exam Detials

CISSP Exam: The ISC² Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is an internationally recognised certification for information security professionals. It is considered to be one of the most honoured and in-demand certifications in the field of cybersecurity. This exam is a dream of many cybersecurity professionals, it authenticates an individual’s knowledge and expertise in various domains such as security and risk management, communication and network security, software development security and many more. CISSP Exam is very challenging in this field, and Pass Your Cert provides online training from certified professionals with 10+ years of experience.

CISSP Exam Online Training

Our CISSP Exam Online Training covers a wide range of crucial topics which you will encounter on the actual exam:

  • Security and Risk Management: Under this domain, you will get an understanding and gain skills in applying security policies, concepts, governance, compliance, risk management principles, and legal and regulatory issues related to information security. You will be able to monitor and assess the effectiveness of security controls and assess security controls to mitigate risks.

  • Asset Security: In this domain, candidates will learn the management and protection of information and assets throughout their lifecycle. They will get expertise in topics including data classification, ownership, privacy protection, asset handling, and secure disposal.

  • Security Architecture and Engineering: under this topic, the candidate will learn to design and implement secure systems and networks. An individual will gain knowledge of principles, concepts, structures, and standards used to ensure their security.

  • Communication and Network Security: This domain focuses on the design, implementation, and secure management of network infrastructure, network components, communication channels, and network protocols. You will gain hands-on experience on topics such as network security protocols, secure network architecture, secure communication channels, and network attacks and countermeasures.

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM): Under this domain, the candidate will learn to control physical and logical access to assets, design and implement IAM solutions, and manage user identities and access privileges.

  • Security Assessment and Testing: This domain consists of concepts, methods, and tools used to assess and test the effectiveness of security controls and processes. It validates skills in security assessment methodologies, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, security control testing, and security auditing.

  • Security Operations: This domain will teach you to monitor and detect security incidents, you will be able to respond quickly to security incidents and recover from security incidents. It focuses on the management, monitoring, and response to security incidents and events.

  • Software Development Security: This domain is a crucial topic among all the domains, It covers the security considerations and best practices throughout the software development lifecycle. It includes topics such as secure software development methodologies, software testing, software vulnerabilities, and secure coding practices.

Our Online one-to-one training refers to a learning programme in which an individual receives personalized instruction or coaching from a trainer or instructor via an online platform. It allows direct interaction and effective guidance between the trainers and the learner. Trainers deliver customized instruction and guidance based on learners’ particular requirements. There are live training classes instead of recorded video sessions, Live training classes eradicate the need for physical travel all the way to training centres and allow candidates to get better live classes in their comfort. CISSP Exam Online training has several benefits for candidates including:

  • Flexibility and Convenience: Our online training programme allows candidates to attend classes from anywhere anywhere and at any time, We offer flexible timing batches according to the preference of the candidate’s available time. If any candidate has a tight schedule and cannot attend the scheduled batch then he will be shifted to another batch according to his time availability. If any day candidate is unable to attend any class then videos of online training sessions will be provided to cover the syllabus. So that The candidate will not miss any topic. It is the most convenient way to learn without going anywhere.
  • Interactive Learning Experience: There are many institutes that provide videos and quizzes in the name of online training. But We offer direct interaction with the trainers, Candidates can directly interact with trainers and clear their doubts. Live interactions eliminate the chance of being lost in the group, and they will motivate you towards effective learning.
  • Customer support: Our trainers offer 24*7 customer support, If you are doing self-study and want to clarify any doubt you can contact our trainer anytime they will be ready to answer your queries.
  • Access to Diverse Content: We provide a wide range of material including all the crucial domains of CISSP. To pass this exam candidate must prepare from multiple sources, and to fulfil this need for diverse material we provide content from multiple sources. Our experts ensure that candidates will receive up-to-date and diverse perspectives on the subject matter.
  • Sustainability: It reduces environmental impacts such as travel, printed materials, and physical infrastructure. By opting for Online training, candidates and organizations contribute to a more sustainable approach to education and professional development.
  • Tracking and Assessment: Our trainers will take assessment tests regularly and keep a record of candidates’ progress. They will monitor your performance and focus on areas where you need more improvement, regular assessment will maintain your ability to retain the knowledge and helps you in answering more quickly than before.
  • Scalability: Our Online training sessions can easily extend to harbour a large number of candidates simultaneously. It is considered scalable and is particularly valuable for organizations seeking to train a geographically spread workforce or a growing number of employees.

Benefits of CISSP Exam Online Training:

Recognition in Industry

CISSP exam is an internationally recognized and respected certification in the field of information security. It authenticates your skills and knowledge in security and risk management, asset security, security architecture and engineering, communication and network security, identity and access management, security assessment and testing, security operations, and software development security.

Career Advancement

CISSP is a senior-level credential among all cyber security certifications. It will open many doors of career opportunities such as career advancement, higher earning potential and leadership roles.

Global Reach

It is a globally recognized certification and allows you to showcase your skills and knowledge to potential candidates or clients worldwide.

Continuous Learning

Obtaining CISSP and maintaining certification requires earning Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits, encouraging professionals to stay up-to-date with evolving security practices and technologies.

Overall, our CISSP online training covers all crucial topics covered in the actual exam, We align with ISC2 guidelines and keep our candidates up-to-date with the latest change in the syllabus and provide authentic service to our candidates. At Pass Your Cert, Our trainer will help in enhancing candidates’ readiness by providing comprehensive coverage of the actual exam.