CompTIA Data+ Certification is a credential for professionals who are responsible for encouraging and facilitating businesses’ business-oriented decisions based on data. They must be able to interpret the data accurately and use data effectively and avoid confusion caused by other variables. CompTIA Data+ Certification holders possess the skills and knowledge to translate business needs into data-driven choices

  • Data mining
  • Data manipulation
  • Utilizing basic statistical methods
  • Data analysis is complex and requires keeping to quality and governance requirements throughout the lifecycle of data.

Many other career paths aside from those that are based on data can benefit from the data analytics process and the knowledge. If they can analyze and use data in a logical manner, professionals such as financial analysts, marketing specialists and human resource analysts, or clinical health analysts can optimize their performance and make educated choices.

If you’re interested in these fields, you should take the CompTIA Data+ Certification Course by PassYourCert. We offer online training and CompTIA Data+ Sample Questions.

What is the CompTIA Data+ Certification Examination?

what is comptia data+


CompTIA Data+ Exam objectives examine the skills needed to support data-driven business decisions.

Data concepts and environments

  • Identify the basic concepts of data schemas, dimensions and their meanings
  • Compare and contrast data types
  • Compare and contrast the most common file formats and data structures

Data Mining

  • Explain data acquisition concepts
  • Identify the most common reasons to cleanse and profile datasets
  • Given a scenario, execute data manipulation techniques
  • Describe common methods for query optimization and data manipulation

Data Analysis

  • Apply the appropriate descriptive statistical methods to a given scenario
  • Explain the purpose and limitations of inferential statistical methods
  • Summarize key analysis techniques and types of analysis
  • Identify common data analytics tools


  • To create a report, translate business requirements
  • Make sure you use the right design elements for dashboards and reports
  • Use appropriate methods for dashboard development
  • Use the right type of visualization
  • Compare and contrast different types of reports

Who should do CompTIA Data+?

CompTIA Data+ was created for individuals who are responsible for a company’s ability to make data-driven business decisions. This is equivalent to 18-24 months’ real-world experience in a data analyst or business intelligence job. CompTIA Data+ graduates have the skills and knowledge to support data-driven business decisions.

  • Mining data
  • Manipulating data
  • Basic statistical methods
  • Complex datasets can be analyzed while ensuring that governance and quality standards are maintained throughout the data lifecycle

How to Study for CompTIA Data+

how to study for comptia data+


Step 1: Create a Plan

First, you must decide to improve yourself. To be successful in any certification exam, you must have patience, plan and persevere. Consider the following questions before you begin to create your own plan:

  • CompTIA Data+ recommends that you have 18-24 months of experience as a business analyst, with exposure to databases and analytical tools, basic statistics knowledge, and experience with data visualization.
  • Are you able to make a plan? This is a key step to passing your certification exams. Get your customized study plan.
  • You have two options: self-study, or get CompTIA Data+ Online Training.
  • You can test yourself with practice exams with CompTIA Data+ Sample Questions. These will allow you to assess yourself and pinpoint areas where you need more study. CompTIA CertMaster Practice.

These questions lay the foundation for a study plan that takes into account your preferences and knowledge. This will set you up for success. After you have completed the first step, it is time to download the CompTIA +.

2nd Step: Download CompTIA Data+ (DA0-001). Exam Objectives

CompTIA exam objectives can be a great place to begin. This document will tell you the concepts that you’ll be covering on the exam and where you should focus your attention. The CompTIA website has the exam objectives for CompTIA Data+.

It is worth taking the time to review exam objectives. Note what you know and what is new. This will help you to prioritize your study topics so you can study in the most efficient way.

You’ll notice that the exam objectives are broken down into what we call domains. You can organize your exam preparation by weighting the domains.

These are the new CompTIA Data+ domains with their relative weights:

  • Data Environments (15%): Learn the basic concepts and differences between file formats and data schemas.
  • Data mining (25%) Describe data acquisition concepts and reasons for cleansing and profiling data, and manipulate data for analysis.
  • Analysis (23%) Use descriptive statistical methods to explain and interpret results of analyses.
  • Visualization (23%): Share the insights from analysis through the conceptualization of and development of suitable visualizations.
  • Data Governance and Quality Controls (14%) Summarize key data governance concepts and use data quality control concepts

Pay attention to the weighting of each domain. This way you can organize your study time and help you understand the content of the certification exam.

3: Learn from CompTIA Data+ Sample Questions

You’re ready to learn if you have completed steps 1 and 2. CompTIA CertMaster Learning is an eLearning platform that focuses on the CompTIA Data+ exam objectives. The interactive platform features lessons, videos, flashcards, and games arranged in a personal study plan. CompTIA Data+ Sample Questions provide immediate feedback so you can show your progress and make any necessary adjustments. There is also a countdown calendar that will keep you on track.

You can also use the Official CompTIA Data+ Study Guide to cover all exam objectives. It allows you to either study one topic or a series of related subjects at your own time and pace. CompTIA’s hands-on training tools are preferred by some certification candidates.

CompTIA certification exams also include the second component, putting what you have learned into practice. CompTIA Data+, the only entry-level vendor-neutral, hands-on analytics certification, is available. This certification demonstrates your ability to analyze complex data sets and provide reports. It also demonstrates your ability to adhere to quality standards and oversee data.

Step 4: Get Hands-On Experience

This is often the catch-22 in a job search. Employers are keen to see you have experience. But how can you get that experience if there is no way to learn? CompTIA CertMaster Labs is here to help.

CompTIA CertMaster Labs Data+ allows you to learn to use real software to analyze, manipulate, visualize, and report data in a lab-based environment. This allows you to focus on the exam objectives and practice using extensive step-by-step activities.

CompTIA CertMaster Labs feature:

  • Virtual environments that are browser-based and use real equipment
  • Step by step lab guides that align with CompTIA Data+ exam objectives
  • Pre-configured exercise requiring minimal setup


CompTIA Training Options

CompTIA A+ (plus) Certification Online Training Course

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (casp+) Certification Online Training Course

CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+ Certification Online Training Course

CompTIA ITF/Fundamentals+ Certification Online Training Course

CompTIA Network+ Certification Online Training Course

CompTIA Security+ (plus) Certification Online Training Course


CertMaster Learn + Labs CompTIA Data+ can be used simultaneously. Combining these two training options allows you to learn and practice the skills before moving on to a new concept. Register for a free trial to see it in action.

Step 5: Get Exam Ready

These skills can only be learned if you have the experience. You need the practice to increase your confidence and be able to Pass CompTIA Data+ Exam.

CompTIA Data+ can be your first CompTIA certification exam or your tenth. It is important to learn how questions are presented and to get used to the pressure that comes with a timed exam. CompTIA Data+ Sample Questions is a companion tool to help you learn intelligently and close knowledge gaps.

CompTIA Data+ Sample Questions will help you to strengthen your knowledge by:

  • Assessing and improving your skills
  • Real-time Knowledge Gains and Topic Problem Tracking
  • Practice your skills and confirm your knowledge before the exam

CompTIA Data+ Live Online Training

book comptia data+ online training


CompTIA Live online training might suit you if you prefer learning in a classroom under the guidance of an instructor. CompTIA Live Online Training allows you to learn in a comfortable and flexible online setting. It also includes two-way communication that allows you to ask questions or participate in discussions.

CompTIA Live Online Training Classes are taught by CompTIA Data+ certified instructors with real-world data analysis experience. CompTIA instructors use industry-standard training methods to achieve results. At the end of each session, you will be fully prepared to take your CompTIA Data+ certification exam.

Are you ready to become CompTIA Data+ certified?

You can feel confident about your preparation for the CompTIA Data+ certification exam.

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